Important Things That You Need To Know About Keto Diet

If you have tried a number of things for losing weight but you are not able to get the desired results then the keto diet is the best option for you.  This is the diet that makes your body produce molecules that are also known as ketones.  This also works as an alternative fuel when there is a short supply of blood sugar in the body.

Ketones get produced when you eat less carbs, the carbs that are broken quickly and get into the blood sugar along with having protein in moderation as excess protein can get converted into the blood sugar.  Ketones are from fat and the process of it starts in the liver. They are also used as fuel for the whole body along with providing energy to the brain as well.

As the brain requires a lot of energy and it cannot work on fat in a direct manner, it requires ketones or glucose to run.  When you are on a ketogenic diet, it makes your body to switch the fuel supply from the fats that are there in the body.  This makes it easy for you to shed the extra weight in an easy way.

What can you eat when you are on a keto diet?

Food items that you can eat on a Keto Diet

The first thing that you need to keep in your mind is to avoid eating the food items that are really high in carbs.  You can take 50 grams of carbs on a daily basis. If you eat fewer carbs, it will be more effective for you to lose weight.  You can easily keep a count on the number of carbs that you take in a day along with taking the food items that have high nutritious value.

You can have all kinds of low carb food items such as vegetables, eggs, fish, cheese, seafood, and natural fats such as olive oil and butter.  You can also take the assistance of an expert dietitian to know about the best food items that will be the best for your body.

You can also go through a number of recipes that are available online. You can also refer to the online platform where there are a number of options available that you can easily have in the keto diet.

What to Drink in a Keto Diet plan?

If you are thinking that what all things you can drink in the keto diet then water is the best option for you.  You can also have coffee and tea in moderation, however, make sure that you don’t use any kind of sweeteners for tea/coffee.

You should also use less cream and milk in your tea/coffee. It is also fine if you want to have a glass of wine occasionally.

Try to avoid

When you are following a keto diet then make sure that you don’t have food items that are high in starch and sugar. Potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice are really high in carbs so you should ignore having such food items in your diet.